The letter to Iblis

This is the story about `Abd Allah ibn Hilal al-Kufi Majdhum, and his neighbour, who asked him to write a letter on his behalf to Iblis - may Allah curse him - for a certain need.  Even though it defies intelligence, this story is a good example of the evil that can be found amongst people.

So `Abd Allah ibn Hilal al-Kufi wrote the letter, signed it with all diligence, and then dispatched it to Iblis. Iblis read it, kissed it and placed it on his eyes, saying: "At you beck and call, Abu Muhammad - what is your need?" The latter said: "I have a very generous neighbour, who is very sympathetic towards me and my children. Whenever i have a need, he sees to it. When i ask him for money he lends it to me, or helps in some other way. Whenever i am away from my home, he takes care of my family and children, and does them every good thing he is able to do."  At each thing mentioned, Iblis said: "That is good" or "That is nice". When he finished describing the neighbour, Iblis said: "So what would you like me to do?" He said: "I want you to put an end to his welfare and make him poor, because i am furious with his position, and his wealth, with his very existence and continued well-being. Upon hearing that, Iblis gave a scream louder than anything ever heard from him, and all his demons and armies gathered around him and asked: "What has happened, o you their lord and master?" He said to them: "Do you know that Allah - high and majestic is He -   has created people who are worse than me ?!

This story is taken from the book "Fadl al-Kilab `ala kathirin min man labisa al-thiyab" (The excellece of dogs compared to many of those who dress in clothes) by Abu Bakr ibn Khalaf al-Marzaban) Translation into English: bmk

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