Ash-Shifa of Qadi `Iyad
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Al-Shifa: BOOK I
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Chapter 1: The Praise of Allah for His Prophet and the Exalted Status in which He Beholds Him (peace and blessing be upon him)
Section 1: The Prophet's praiseworthiness and the multiplicity of his excellent qualities
Section 2: Allah made His Prophet a witness over mankind; a description of this praiseworthy and honourable rank
Section 3: The kindness and gentleness of Allah towards the Prophet
Section 4: The Swearing of Allah to his immense value
Section 5: The Oath of Allah confirming the position of Prophet
Section 6: The mentioning of Allah of the Prophet's compassionate and generous disposition
Section 7. The way in which Allah praised the excellent qualities of His Prophet
Section 8: The Command of Allah to His creation to praise the Prophet, His protection of him and the removal of punishment on account of him
Section 9: The honour of the Prophet as expounded in the chapter Al-Fatiha-"The Opening"
Section 10: How Allah expresses His honouring of the Prophet in the Quran and makes clear His position and the esteem with which He regards him together with other blessed matters

Chapter 2: Illustration of the Way in which Allah Perfected the Excellence of the Prophet’s Character and Establishment and Blessing him with all the Virtues of Religion and this World
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: The description of the Prophet's physic
Section 3: The Prophet's cleanliness
Section 4: The Prophet's intellect, eloquence and astuteness
Section 5: The perfection of the Prophet's speech
Section 6: The nobility of the Prophet's lineage, his honoured birthplace, and his upbringing
Section 7a: The daily life of the Prophet
Section 7b: Marriage and related issues
Section 7c: The way in which the Prophet dealt with money and commodities
Section 8: Praiseworthy qualities
Section 9: The intellect of the Prophet
Section 10: The clemency, forbearance, patience, forgiveness and pardoning status of the Prophet
Section 11: The generosity and openhandedness of the Prophet
Section 12: The courage and bravery of the Prophet
Section 13: The modesty of the Prophet and lowering of his gaze
Section 14: The goodness of the Prophet's companionship, his manners and nature
Section 15: The Prophet being sent as a mercy, his gentleness and compassion
Section 16: The integrity of the Prophet, his honesty in contracts and uprightness in maintaining family ties
Section 17:The humility of the Prophet
Section 17: The justice of the Prophet, his trustworthiness, decency and truthfulness
Section 18: The dignified composure of the Prophet, his silence, contemplation, natural refinement and excellent disposition
Section 20: The refraining of the Prophet from worldly things
Section 21: The Prophet's fear of Allah, his obedience and the intensity of his worshipping Allah
Section 22:-The qualities of the Prophets
Section 22: The qualities of the Prophet as described by Abi Hala ibn al-Hassan, the grandson of the Prophet

Chapter 3: The Authentic and Well-Known Traditions narrating the Esteemed Value Allah Has Placed upon His Prophet, together with His Exalted Position and Nobility in this Life and the Everlasting Life (peace and blessing be upon him)
Section 1-The position of the Prophet in the Sight of Allah
Section 2-The miracle of the Prophet's night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem, and the Heavenly Ascent
Section 3-The reality of the Prophet's Night Journey
Section 4-The rebuttal to those who say the journey was a dream
Section 5-The Prophet's seeing of His Lord
Section 6-The conversation between Allah and His Prophet
Section 7-The proximity of the Prophet and his nearness
Section 8-The preceding of the Prophet before the people on the Day of Resurrection
Section 9-The selection of Prophet Mohammed, over and above all of the creation for the receivership of the Love of Allah and the closeness of His friendship
Section 10-The intercession given to the Prophet and his praiseworthy station
Section 11-The River of Abundance (Kawthar) in the Garden
Section 12-The Prophetic Sayings relating to the prohibition of differentiating between the prophets
Section 13-The excellence of the names given to the Prophet
Section 14-The Honour of Allah to the Prophet by gifting him with some of His own Beautiful Names and by describing him with some of His own splendid qualities
Section 15-Demonstrating that Allah, the High is unlike any thing amongst His creation

Chapter 4. The Miracles Given to the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) together with their Special Characteristics

Section 1-Introduction
Section 2-The Prophethood and Messengership
Section 3-The meaning of miracles
Section 4-The unique inimitability of the Arabic Quran
Section 5-The inimitability of the composition and style of the Arabic Quran
Section 6-Matters relating to a future time, and unseen affairs
Section 7-The news of bygone generations and vanished nations
Section 8-The challenge in the Revelation issued to the Arabs and their inability to respond, coupled with the informing of their inability
Section 9-The fear and awe that arouses hearts upon listening to the Quran
Section 10-The protection of the Quran until the end of time
Section 11-A kaleidoscope of the Quran's inimitability
Section 12-The miraculous splitting of the moon and the delaying of the setting of the sun
Section 13-The miracle of the water that flowed from the fingers of the Prophet
Section 14-The miracle of the water that flowed on account of the blessing of the Prophet
Section 15-The miracle of the increase in the amount of food on account of his blessings and supplication
Section 16-The miracle of the tree that spoke. It's answering to the Prophet's call and its witnessing to his Prophethood
Section 17-The miracle of the Palm trunk that wailed at its separation from the Prophet
Section 18-Miracles relating to inanimate things
Section 19-Miracles connected with animals
Section 20-The miraculous revival the dead and their speech. Babies and suckling infants that spoke and bore witness to his Prophethood
Section 21-The miraculous healing of the sick and the incurable
Section 22-The answering of the Prophet's supplication
Section 23-Miracles and blessings, things that were transformed through his touch
Section 24-The Prophet's knowledge of the Unseen and the future
Section 25-The protection of Allah for His Prophet, and that He suffices him against those who injured him
Section 26-The Prophet's knowledge and sciences
Section 27-The Prophet's communication with angels and jinn
Section 28-Narrations about his characteristics, and signs of his Messengership
Section 29-A brief insight into aspects of his birth, childhood and adulthood
Section 30-Summary of the miracles given to the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) together with their special characteristics

Al-Shifa: BOOK II
Translation from (external link)
Chapter 1. The Necessity to Believe and Obey and Follow the Prophet's Tradition (peace and blessing be upon him)
Section 1-The obligation to believe him (peace and blessing be upon him)
Section 2-The obligation to obey the Prophet
Section 3-The obligation to follow the Prophet and obey his prophetic way
Section 4-The narrations of the early generations of Muslims and the esteemed learned persons concerning the following of the prophetic way and accepting the guidance of the Prophet
Section 5-The danger in opposing the right of the Prophet to be obeyed

Chapter 2
. The Necessity of Loving the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him)
Section 1-The necessity to love the Prophet
Section 2-The reward for loving the Prophet
Section 3-The narrations of the early generations of Muslims and imams concerning their love for the Prophet and their longing for him
Section 4-The signs of loving the Prophet
Section 5-The reality and meaning of loving the Prophet
Section 6-The obligation of the delivery of advice to the Prophet when requested
 Chapter 3. The Necessity of Praise, Respect, and Honor the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him)
Section 1-Authoritative verses in the Quran to set prayers, respect and honour the Prophet
Section 2-The esteem, respect and reverence due to the Prophet
Section 3-The respect and high regard for the Prophet after his death
Section 4-The high regard of the early generations of Muslims for the transmission of the Prophetic quotations
Section 5-The Prophet's devotion to his family, descendants and wives
Section 6-The Prophet's respect for his Companions, his attachment to them and their recognition
Section 7-The respect for the things and places associated with the Prophet

Chapter 4. The Praise on the Prophet, its Verdict, Obligation, and Virtue (peace and blessing be upon him) 
Section 1-What is meant by the prayer on the Prophet
Section 2-The ruling about the prayer on the Prophet
Section 3-Times when it is recommended to say the prayer on the Prophet
Section 4-The manner in which the prayer on the Prophet and asking for peace upon him should be made
Section 5-The excellence of the prayer on the Prophet, asking for peace upon him and supplicating for him
Section 6-Reproaching those who do not ask for blessings upon the Prophet and their wrong doing
Section 7-The distinguishing of the Prophet through the revelation of the supplication for praising him
Section 8-Disputation concerning invoking supplications of praise on other than the Prophet and his fellow prophets
Section 9-Visiting the tomb of the Prophet, how he should be greeted and the virtue of one's visit
Section 10-The manner to be adopted upon entering the Prophet's Mosque and its excellence, and the excellence of Mecca and Medina

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Translation of Aisha Bewley


Chapter 1 Section 1: Concerning Allah's praise of him and his numerous excellent qualities [1] [2]

Chapter 1  Section 2: The Obligation to believe in the Prophet, obey Him and follow His Sunna
Chapter 2  Section 2: On the Necessity of Loving the Prophet

The judgements concerning those who think  the Prophet imperfect or curse him
Section 1: The Judgement of the Shari'a regarding someone  who curses or disparages the Prophet
Section 2: The proof of the necessity of killing anyone who curses the Prophet or finds fault with him
Section 3: The reasons why the Prophet pardoned some of those who harmed him
Section 4: The judgment regarding someone who maligns the Prophet without deliberation or really believing what he has said
Section 5: Is the one who says such things an unbeliever or an apostate?
Section 6: The judgement regarding words that could be construed to be a curse
Section 7: The judgement on someone who describes himself with one of the attributes of the Prophets
Section 8: The judgement regarding someone who quotes such words from someone else
Section 9: The states of the Prophet which can be mentioned for the sake of instruction
Section 10: The necessary adab when mentioning reports about the Prophet