The Ya`qubi family

A family of scholars and saints, Al al-bayt of the Hasani - Idrisi branch, migrated to Damascus from Algeria, after having fought jihad against the French colonizers.


Buried in Bab Saghir cemetery, in the section al-al-Bayt:
  1. Shaykh Siddiq al-Ya'qoubi (d. 1889/1307 H.)
    paternal great-grandfather of Sheikh Muhammad

  2. Shaykh Sharif al-Ya'qoubi (d. 1943/1362 H.)
    Sheikh Muhammad's  father's paternal uncle
    Malikite Imam of the Omayyad mosque, and maliki mufti of Damascus
    – buried near the entrance of Bab Swayqa
    Tomb stone of Sheikh Sharif >>>

  3. Shaykh Muhammad 'Arabi al-Ya'qoubi (d. 1965/1384 H.)
    Sheikh Muhammad's father's maternal uncle,
    Malikite Imams of the Omayyad mosque
    – buried in Bab Saghir

  4. Shaykh Isma'il al-Ya'qoubi (d. 1960/1380 H.),
    grandfather of Sheikh Muhammad
    a great Waliy known for his miracles
    – buried 50 meters south of Fatima Sughra
    Tomb stone of Sheikh Isma'il >>>

  5. Shaykh Ibrahim al-Ya'qoubi (d. 1985/1406 H.),
    father of Sheikh Muhammad
    one of the greatest scholars Syria saw in the past 50 years; he was also the Imam and teacher of the Omayyad Mosque, and successior of Sheikh Abul Yusr 'Abidin in the office of fatwa of maliki and hanafi fiqh in Damascus.
    buried 50 meters south of Fatima Sughra
    Tomb stone of Sheikh Ibrahim >>>

Also buried there,  a few meters north of Fatima Sughra's pavillon:

  1. Amina bint Muhammad Salim Mansur Amrau al-Jaza'iri, mother of Sheikh Muhammad al-Ya`qubi (d. 1417H / 1996), with

  2. Fariza bint Ma'mun `Azat al-Rabat Umm Ibrahim, wife of Sheikh Muhammad al-Ya`qubi (d. 12 Rabi`al-Awwal 1427 / 2006)

    Tomb of Umm Muhammad and Umm Ibrahm >>>
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