The Jerrahi mosque

Location: Outside Bab al-Jabia, north of the Bab Saghir graveyard

Abu `Ubayda `Amir b. `Abdallah b. Jarrah was one of the ten promised Janna. He was amir of the mujahids at the time of opening Dimashq. He died of the plague and is buried in Baysan vale, Palestine.

His son built a mosque over the place of worship of ibn Jarrah, which is known as Masjid Ibn Abi `Ubayda.

References: Ziarat al-Sham, GFH "Merits of Sham"

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Abu `Ubayda `Amir b. `Abdallah b. Jarrah
(Taken from ISC)

As the supreme commander of the Northern Muslim Army, Abu Ubeida successfully conquered Greater Syria. Prophet Mohammad dubbed him "The Trustee of the Nation" because of the knowledge he acquired.

When the Prophet died, Abu Ubeida was among the candidates for the Caliphate. He believed Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq was to lead the Muslims and become Caliph because Prophet Mohammad had asked him to lead prayers upon his death. Abu Ubeida thus managed to avoid insurrection and disunity amongst Muslims. At the age of 58, he fell victim to the Great Plague that spread through Greater Syria.

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