Abul-Husayn al-Khiraqi (d. 334 H.)

Hanbali mufti, jurist, faqih and zahid par excellence, Imam al-Khiraqi was a student of Imam al-Khallal and originally came from Baghdad and settled in Damascus. He wrote most of his books on the subject of fiqh, one of them being his masterpiece, al-Mukhtasir al-Khiraqi. There have been some 300 commentaries written on this work down the centuries. He was martyred one day when trying to stop the corruption of a local governor. Among his most famous writings is al-Miftah on Hanbali fiqh.

Buried at Bab al-Saghir opposite the Jarrahi mosque. 

Hanbali Text Society, Ziarat al-Sham


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