Relatives of Khansa', the poetress
al-`Abbas b. Mardas Ibi `Amir al-Salmi
(sahabi d. 18 H.)
his mother was Khansa', the poetress
العباس بن مرداس أبي عامر السلمي (ت ‮٨١‬هـ)
، أمه تماضر بنت عمرو المعروفة بالخنساء الشاعرة
He was from the Mudar tribe, a prominent poet among his people and and one of the best poets in Islam. Shortly before the conquest of Makka, he came with 300 riders from his people, and they all became Muslims.

Hafaf b. Nadba (his mother) (sahabi d. 20 H.)
his father was Abu `Umayr b. al-Harith al-Salmi
a paternal cousin to Khansa', the poetress
حفاف بن ندبة (اسم أمه) وأبوه عمير بن الحارث السامي (ت ‮٠٢‬هـ) وكان ابن عم الجنساء الشاعرة

They are buried in a mosque opposite the citadel, together with a third sahabi whose name is  Rauq b. Dathar  (روق بن دثار ) and a female unnamed person.

Info written at the maqam
[bmk ziara 2005-07-09]
ترجمته في الإصابة لابن حجر العسقلاني ت 4502،
وفي تهذيب التهذيب لنفس المؤلف ج 5 ص 130،
وفي الروض الأنف للسهيلي ج 2 ص 283،
وفي الأعلام للزركلي ج 3 ص 267

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