Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya (b. 691 - d. 751 H.)

Hanbali faqih, mufassir and grammarian; travelled for hajj several times and stayed in Makka. Passed away in Damascus.

Note: he is not related to Jawzi family. The name al-Jawziyya (lit. "son of the superintendent of the Jawziyya") was derived from the Jawziyya School, founded by Sibt al-Jawzi (d. 697), where Ibn Qayyim's father worked.

Buried in Bab al-Saghir opposite the Sabuniya madrasa, near the grave of  his father.

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Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya - biography

Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr, Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya was born in a small farming village near Damascus, Syria in 691 H. He studied under his father who was the local attendant (qayyim) of al-Jawziyya school. Later on he studied fiqh, `aqida hadith. He took hadith from al-Shahãb al-Nãbulsi, Qãdhî Taqiyyu-Din Sulaimãn, and Fãtima Bint Jawhar. He was a companion of Ibn Taymiyya. Among his students were Ibn Rajab and Ibn Kathir.

He was emprisoned for some time together with Ibn Taymiyya in the Qal`a in Damascus. Upon his release, he performed the pilgrimage to Mecca several times, and stayed there for a prolonged periods.

Among his writings are:
  1. `Uddat us-Saabirin wa Thakhirat ush-Shakirin
  2. Al-Fawaâ`id
  3. Kitab al-Ruh
  4. Badaa`I ul-Fawaaâ`id
  5. Haadil-Arwahi ila Bilad il-Afrah
  6. I`lam al-Muwaqqi`een `an Rabb il-`Aalamin
  7. Ighathatul Lahfan Min Masaa`id ash-Shaytan
  8. Madarij us-Salikeen fi Manazili Iyyaka Na`budu wa Iyyaka Nasta`in
  9. Zad ul Ma`adi fi Hadyi Khayr il-`Ibad (4 volumes + index)
  10. Tahthïb Sunan Abi Dãwoud (Emendation of Sunan Abi Dãwoud)
  11. Al-Kalãm al-Tayyib wa-al-‘Amal al-Sãlih (The Essence of Good Words and Deeds);
  12. Commentaries on the book of Shaikh ‘Abdullãh al-Ansãri: Manãzil-u Sã’ireen (Stations of the Seekers)
  13. Zãd al-Ma‘ãd (Provisions of the Hereafter), from which this book on the medicine of the prophet is extracted
  14. Other manuscripts, copied with his own handwriting, are preserved in the Central Library in Damascus, Syria.


Ibn Qayyim on tasawwuf

Tasawwuf is one of the cornerstones (zawâyâ) of true wayfaring (al-sulûk al-haqîqî) and the purification and disciplining of the self (tazkiya  al-nafs wa tahdhîbuhâ) so that it may prepare itself for its journey to  the company of the Highest Assembly and for being together with its beloved. For  “One is with the one he loves” [1] as Sumnun stated: “The lovers of Allah have gained the honor of both the world  and the hereafter, for ‘he is with the one he loves.” And Allah knows best. [2]

[1] A mass-transmitted hadith of the Prophet, Allah bless and greet him, narrated from fifteen Companions – as stated by al-Kattani in Nazm al-Mutanathir – in the Nine Books.
[2] Ibn al-Qayyim, Madarij al-Salikin (2:307)

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Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya (f. 691 - d. 751 i Damascus), Hanbali fiqh-lärd, Korankommentator och grammatiker.

Shams al-Din  Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr, Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya. föddes i en liten by nära Damascus. Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya betyder son till föreståndaren för Madrasa al-Jawziyya, en skola som grundats på 600-talet H. av Sibt al-Jawzi i Damaskus. Ibn al-Qayyims far arbetade där. (Obs. att Ibn Qayyim inte är släkt är med Ibn al-Jawzi. Det är därför fel att säga Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya.) Han studerade först under sin far, som var lokal föreståndare för Madrasa al-Jawziyya. Senare studerade han fiqh, `aqida och hadith. Hans hadith-lärare var al-Shahãb al-Nãbulsi, Qãdhï Taqiyyu-Deen Sulaimãn, and Fãtima Bint Jawhar. Bland hans elever var Ibn Rajab och Ibn Kathir.

Ibn Qayyim hörde till Ibn Taymiyya's krets, och var liksom denne fängslad under en tid i al-Qal`a Damaskus. Därefter reste han flera gånger på hajj till Mekka, och stannade där under längre perioder.

Till hans böcker hör:
  • 1-  Kitab al-Ruh som handlar om livet efter döden.
  • 2-  Boken "al-Tibb al-Nabawi" - Profetens medicin - är en del i ett större verk - Zâd al-Ma`âd i 4 volymer.


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The maqam is located at the entrance of the northern part of Bab Saghir cemetery, opposite Madrasa Sabuniyya


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