Nur al-Din b. Zanki (b. 511 - d. 579)
– السلطان أبو القاسم نور الدين محمود ين أبي سعيد(أو سعد) زنكي بن سيف الدين –

Just ruler of Damscus, first in history ot build a Dar al-hadith, gave many books as waqf, built schools and mosques and institueted many awqaf, loved and honored the pple of din; strong in warfare, a good archer, he would only consume out of wealth he gained by buisineness or spoils of war according to what the `ulema deemd lawful; he forbade wide under his rule, known for his justice and rightousness, rebuilt the city walls and fortresses of all Sham: Aleppo and Hums and Hama and Damascus and other places; build several hospitals, the most famous one in Damascus, which was institueted as waqf, and where rich and poor were attended to; and he made Daria (a village in the Ghuta west of Damascus) a waqf for poor Muslims. [Ziarat al-Sham p. 27-28, quoting Ibn Khaldun]
He was buried in the city wall of Damascus, later his remains were moved to a madrasa he had built for the Hanafis on the Westersn side of (الخواصين أو الخوامين، معروف الآن بسعق الخياطين وكان يعرف بسوق الآخصاصين)ـ - [Ziarat al-Sham p. 29]



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