Hizb al-Bahr - Litany of the Sea
of Imam Abul Hasan al-Shadhili

In the name of Allah Most Merciful and Compassionate

O Allah, O High, O Great, O Clement, O All-knowing; You are my Lord and Your knowledge is my sufficiency;  >how perfect is my Lord, how perfect my sufficiency: You give victory to whom You will, and You are the All-powerful, and the All-Compassionate.

We ask Your protection, in movements and rests, in words and desires and thoughts; from doubts and imaginings, and the illusions that veil hearts from beholding things unseen. The believers have been tried, and mightily shaken,ìand lo, the hypocrites and those with sickness in their hearts say: Allah and His messenger have promised us nothing but delusionî So make us steadfast, give us the victory, and subject to us this sea, as You subjected the sea to Moses, the fire to Abraham, the mountains and iron to David, the wind and demons and jinn to Solomon. And subject to us every sea You possess, in the earth and sky, the physical and the spiritual, the sea of this life and the sea of the life to come. And subject to us everything, O You in whose hand is mastery of everything.

Kaf Ha Ya ëAyn Sad

Give us victory, for You are the best who give victory.

Clear our vision, for You are the best who clear visions.

Forgive us, for You are the best of forgivers.

Have mercy on us, for You are the best of the merciful.

Give us sustenance, for You are the best of providers.

And guide us, and save us from the wrongdoing folk.

And give us a goodly wind, as may be in Your knowledge, and release it upon us from the storehouses of Your mercy; and carry us upon it a carrying of honor, with safety and well-being in the religion, in this world, and the world to come. Truly, You have power over all things.

O Allah, facilitate our affairs for us, with ease for our hearts and bodies, and security and well-being in our worldly life and religion.

And be our companion in our travels, while keeping watch behind in our families; And blind the faces of our enemies, and change them where they stand, so they can neither move nor reach us.

ìHad we willed, We would have obliterated their eyes, and they would race to the path, but how should they see? Or had We willed, We would have transformed them upon their place, so they could go neither forward nor return.î

Ya Sin. By the Wise Koran, Truly you are of the messengers, upon a straight path; The sending down of the All-powerful, the All-compassionate; To warn a people whose forefathers were unwarned, so they heed not. The word has truly been realized against most of them, so they believe not. Verily, We have placed fetters on their necks, even up to the chins, so they bend not. And We have placed a barrier before them, and a barrier behind them, and covered them over, so they see not.î

May the faces be disfigured (3)

ìAnd faces shall be humbled to the Living, Through Whom All exists, while whoever bears wrongdoing shall have failed.î
Ta Sin, Ha Mim, ëAyn Sin Qaf.

ìHe has loosed the two seas that meet, between them is a barrier they do not crossî.

Ha Mim (7)

"The matter be done, the victory come. Against us they shall not be helped.

Ha Mim. The sending down of the Book from Allah, the All-powerful, the All-knowing: Forgiver of Sins, Accepter of Repentance, Terrible in Punishment, Infinite in Bounty: no god but He; unto Him is the final becomingî

Bismillah is our door,

Tabaraka our walls,

Ya Sin our roof,

Kaf Ha Ya ëAyn Sad
our sufficiency,

Ha Mim ëAyn Sin Qaf
our protection.

ìAnd Allah will suffice you against them, and He is the All-hearing, the All-knowingî

The veil of the Throne is lowered upon us, the eye of Allah is looking at us; By the power of Allah we shall not be overcome, and Allah encompasses them from behind:

ìNay, it is a noble recitation, In a guarded tablet.î

ìFor Allah is best as protector, and He is most merciful of the mercifulî  (3)

ìVerily, Allah is my protector, who sent down the Book, and He looks after the righteousî.  (3)

ìAllah is my sufficiency, there is no god but He; on Him I rely, and He is Lord of the Mighty Throne.î  (3)

In the name of Allah with whose name nothing can cause harm in the earth or sky, and He is the All-hearing, the All-knowing. (3)

I take refuge in the consummate words of Allah from the evil of what He has created. (3)

And there is no power or strength except by Allah, the High, the Most Great.

And Allah bless our liege lord Muhammad, and his folk and Companions and give them peace.

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