Hayyamuni –  هيموني

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They have enthralled me
Traditional qasida

They have enthralled me, they have enslaved in their love
Busied me exclusively with them -

With them exclusively - how sweet is the desire for them
my soul is their ransom, even if they avert me.

Oh my friend, sing with us
we have fallen in love with them.

From them I learnt the meaning
of my Lord's Word : "Mention Me".

The poeple of bliss, they are my honored (masters),
all I desire is to have love for them.

I am yearning, carried away by love,
oh, let me be united with those I love!

Having tasted separation
I succeeded in meeting them.

I used to drink, now I pour drinks (for others)
Forever have they entrusted me (this service).

My (prayers of) blessings to the one from Tihama,
then to the honored masters.

They are the beloved in all my being,
they enthralled me, they made me captives of their love.

De har fångat mig i sin kärlek
Traditionell qasida

De har fångat mig i sin kärlek
de har fått mig att vända mig bort från allt annat.
Du min vän, sjung med mig –
vi har förlorat oss i kärlek till dem.


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