Masjid al-Shuhada - مسجد الشهداء

Masjid al-Shuhada in Salihiyya (more pics >>)

3 sahabi brothers martyred at the conquest of Damascus (14 H). A mosque was built at the place of their burial by Sheikh al-Salâh. When Timur Lenk came to take over Damascus, he sent a protector to protect it and it was not harmed. The land east to the graves is waqf. [ZaSh. p. 96]


in the shopping mall halfway between Sab'a Baharat and Juzr Ra'is (ziarat 2009)

"On the right hand side when coming down the road from Salihiyyah" [ZaSh. p. 96]
/indicated on the map accompanying ZaSh about half-way between `Afif and Suq Saruja/
near the Parliament building

Ziarat al-Sham
bmk ziarat 2009-02