Biography of Sayyidi
Sheikh Muhammad b. Hamza Zhafir al-Madani
(d. 1264 H. - may Allah be pleased with him)
by bmk

His biography is found in the Futuhat1 of Sayyidi Sheikh Muhammad ibn Mas´ud al-Fasi, where he says:

I took the Shadhili tariqa from my Master and Teacher, who reared murids by himma and hal, and brought them to the stage of realization by particular stages of progression, the Pole of the Circle, the Channel of provisions (al-Maddad al-Ghauth), the Uniter, the Unique (al-Jami´ al-Fard),the Sheikh  my Master Muhammad ibn Hamza al-Zhafir al-Madani - may his great secret be sanctified - year 1242 H., after the passing of his teacher [Sheikh Muhammad ´Arabi al-Darqawi d. 1239 H.] and his return from the Marokko to Tripoli. Then Allah joined me with him, and I took from his essential lights and his impelling knowledge, that is I took from those lights that poured down on him from the Presence of the Impellor (al-Jabbar) - for about eighteen years, and Allah made me benefit therefrom.

He - may Allah be pleased with him - was bringing forth saints in his court yard, as the earth brings forth plants when rain pours down on it. His character was the character of the Prophets, and his state was  that of the most elect of the elect of the saints and the pure. He - may Allah be pleased with him - was a Qutb, from whose lights the Qutbs are provided, and from whose oceans the noblest take provisions. Whoever looked at him was enriched, wheover knew him would not desire anyone else. He had wonderful states and strange secrets. He strived in the science of interactions (mu´amalat) until he reched teh highest level, and he served the saints, until he [reched the stage where] the the most elect of the elect from anongst the saints and the pure ones served him. He trvelled ling this path for some twntyfive years in the far Maghrib, until he reached the shores of ´ Ain Hamiyya, while serving by his own hands the Sheikhes and the righteous ones, seeking the the settlement of Layla - until he found her people in Ha'it Layla, which is the name of a place where our Mster Sheikh al-´Arabi [al-Darqawi] resided.

He - may his secret be sanctified - passed away in 1262 H.* and was buried in his zawiya. His maqam there is visited from by travellers from all places.

Allah, makes us benefit from him, and gather us under his flag. Amin.      


Quoted from:
Tabaqat al-Shadhiliyya al-Kubra
by al-Hasan al-Kuhan
(*) In the edition of Dar al-Byruti of 2000, it is written 1242, however the year was 1262 as stated in al-Futhat al-Rabbaniyya. /bmk

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