Al-Sayyid al-Sheikh
Muhammad al-Tayyib

(b. 1255 H. in Algeria – d. 1313 H. in Damascus)

He was Muhammad al-Tayyib al-Dillisi al-Maliki ibn Muhammad al-Mubarak ibn Muhammad al-Dillisi al-Qayrawani, whose lineage goes back to Mawlana Idris, the founder of the city of Fas and great grandson of sayyiduna al-Hasan Sibt Rasul Allah (sall Allah-u `aleyhi wa sallam).

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Location of his maqam:

Near Jami` al-Ra'is in Mazza.
With him is buried one of his students.

The tomb is in a private home next to what was previously a mosque named after him, where he used to teach. The original mosque was demolished to give way to presidential buildings for the Asad family.

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