Ahmad Quddama (d. 558)
Father of Abu `Umar and Muwaffaq al-Din.
 أبو عباس أحمد بن محمد بن قدامة، والد أبي عمر وموفق الدين

Fled the franks fin al-Quds for hte sake of the Din and settled in Abu Salih's mosque outside Bab Sharqi, then climbed up and settled at the foot of Qasiun.

The area is called Salhiyyah after them. [ZaSh p. 100:f1]

Saint with apparent miracles, e.g. he walked on the Nahr Yazid without wetting his feet. Asked the frogs of Nahr Yazid to stop deisturbing gpple, and there they were not seen after that.

Buried together with his son Abu `Umar at the foot of the Qasiun maountain [up from Hanabia mosque, unmarked rock 6 ft behind Ibn Malik /gfh-Merits]

Ziarat al-Sham

The Quddama family

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