Muhammad ibn Yallis al-Tlimsani
(b. 1264 – d. 13461 H.) = (1847–1927)
by bmk

He is Muhammad Ibn Yallis b. Shawish al-Tlimsani al-Maliki al-Shadhili, the Sheikh of Sheikh Muhammad al-Hashimi.

Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Yallis was born in Tlimsan around year 1264 H. and studied according to the Maghribi curriculum. Then he met Sheikh Muhammad al-Hibri, one of the students of Sheikh al-Buzidi. He took from him the Shadhili tariqa and accompanied him in a perfect manner. He used to go back and forth betwen Wahran adn Tlimsan.

Because of the French oppression, he emigrated to Damascus in 1329 H., accompanied by his son Sheikh Ahmad, and his student Sheikh Muhammad al-Hashimi. When they arrived, they first stayed in Hayy al-Suwayqa in the Mosque of `Izz al-Din, then they moved to the home of Sheikh Mahmud Abu Shamat, and finally settled in Hayy al-Shaghour in Samdiyya, where they set up a zawiya and held classes and circles of sacred knowledge.

When the french occpupied Syria in 1920 (1338 H.), he was eighty years old, yet he faught agaisnt them, and was taken prisoner and brought to the citadel of Damasucs. Sheikh Muhammad al-Makki al-Kettani and Sheikh Badr al-Din al-Hasani interceded for him with the french, and he was soon released. (The event i sdescribed in detail in [1])

He appointed as his khalifa in the Path his brother Sheikh Ahmad, and after him his student Sheikh Muhammad al-Hashimi.

He passed away in Damascus in 1346 H. and was buried in the graveyard of Bab Saghir . Later a mosque and a zawya were built in Wahran in his name.
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[1] Tarikh`Ulema Dimashq 14th century, Vol 1 p. 427 ff.  The biography is written by Ustadh Riad al-Malih.

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