`Abd al-Malik (d. 87 H)

- of the umawi rulers, faqih w. wide knowledge, pious; the first in islam to be called `abd al-Malik [Ziarat al-Sham p. 33:f4]

- his wife Umm al-Banain `Atiqa bint Yazid b. Mu`awiah b. Abi Sufian is buried outside Bab al-Jabiah west of damascus [Ziarat al-Sham p. 33]

- his son al-Walid b. `Abd al-Malik b. Marwan (d. 96 H) built the Umawi mosque, after demolishing the church that was in its place; also rebuilt the Prophets (s) mosque in Madina and the Dome of hte Rock in Jerulsalem. He is buried in Bab al-Saghir, 20 armlengths north of Mu`awyiah [Ziarat al-Sham p.  75]



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